12 September 2014

Apache config file syntax check.

To check the syntax of a apache config file.

httpd -S -f [config file.conf]

13 August 2014

Copy files between 2 remote servers using cpio.

ssh rhost1 "find dir | cpio -ocB" | ssh rhost2 "cd rdir2;cpio -ivB "

10 June 2011

Watch command

Use the watch command to highlight changes in vmstat & iostat

watch -d --interval=1 iostat -xc

watch --color -d --interval=1 vmstat

18 August 2009

cpio examples

To create an archive
find . | cpio -ocvB > x.cpio

Read an archive:
cpio -itcvB -I x.cpio

Read a file from archive:
cpio -itcvB -I x.cpio ".ssh/known_hosts"

Restore the file (remove the t option).
cpio -icvB -I x.cpio ".ssh/known_hosts"

List hardware


07 January 2009

wget tips

Using wget to download file with a site that requires authentication.

wget ftp://user:password@ftp.site.com/dir/file.name

22 August 2008

Grub. Quick fix after XP re-install

Boot off rescue dvd/cd.
start grub.
>find /boot/grub/stage1
>root (hd0,2)
>setup (hd0)